Thursday, 27 May 2010

Sign plates

This is a photo of one of the sign plates that I have made (produced by Exilco).
The sign plates are designed to be placed in public areas, such as park, street and underground.


This is a t-shirt with the print I designed. This is another way to convey the message about etiquette and manners. The t-shirt is designed to be fashionable and casual that people will be interested to buy it or wear it. It can effectively spread the message or attract the people to aware of their manners by looking at the print, directly and indirectly. (in this print - it leads the public to pay attention to the loudness of their headphones)

Focus on "YELLOW"

As part of the development, I have taken some photos illustrating the reason why I am using the yellow colour as the theme of my project.

Yellow is a bright and eye catching colour that can easily attract people's attention. As from the previous research, I admire the way of the use of sharp bright colour as a way to strengthen the message and attract the focus of the audience. In my study, the use of yellow is a very effective tool to get the attention of the public and fulfil the aim of increasing public awareness.

Besides, the yellow colour used in many places convey a very strong message as a "warning" signal. As etiquette and manners are norms that it is not enforced by written laws, the yellow signals can be very useful to remind the people to be aware of their manners/behaviour and warn them to be considerate in public.

End of the book

At the end of the book, I have put a monthly diary (year 2010) for the reader to keep trace of their life and behaviour. In a way, it is a very useful tool to make reflection of ourselves.

A radar chart is also included for reader to mark their level of etiquette and manners practise of different aspects/attributes (e.g. transport, table manners, smoking, etc) in the month. The graphical presentation can clearly show the extend of behaviour in each aspects for easier comparisons. (The radar chart is originally planned to be made as a poster. However, I think it is more applicable and effective to put in the book with the diary.)

The diary and radar chart aim to make the book more functional and handful.