Thursday, 27 May 2010

Focus on "YELLOW"

As part of the development, I have taken some photos illustrating the reason why I am using the yellow colour as the theme of my project.

Yellow is a bright and eye catching colour that can easily attract people's attention. As from the previous research, I admire the way of the use of sharp bright colour as a way to strengthen the message and attract the focus of the audience. In my study, the use of yellow is a very effective tool to get the attention of the public and fulfil the aim of increasing public awareness.

Besides, the yellow colour used in many places convey a very strong message as a "warning" signal. As etiquette and manners are norms that it is not enforced by written laws, the yellow signals can be very useful to remind the people to be aware of their manners/behaviour and warn them to be considerate in public.

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