Tuesday, 2 February 2010

10x10x10 (summer project)

Inspired by the posters and images researched, I started to develop graphics in a 10 by 10 grid. Simple graphics were drawn with the use of bright yellow colours, like a warning signal, to generate an alerting effect to attract the attention of the audience.

I start off by focusing on manners in public transport, with support to the research that I have done:


Talking. Loud talking on public transportation is ill-mannered and offensive. Never shout or talk so loud it disturbs other passengers.

Cellphones. Place the cellphone on vibrate. No one likes hearing several cellphones ringing in unison while commuting on public transportation. This is disturbing to passengers and the driver.

Music. Commuters who like to listen to music during their ride on
public transportation should wear headphones. Don't assault the people around you with loud music. This is poor etiquette and rude. Not everyone shares the same musical taste as you do! And many might find the music offensive.

Smoking. Signs all around point out no smoking is allowed on public transportation but a few offenders ignore this law. Respect other commuters/riders by waiting until the end of the ride to smoke a cigarette.

Food. Public transportation is not the place to chow down on a hamburger and guzzle a beer. It is against the rules and very offensive to others. Plus, food and drink might easily spill over on fellow riders causing a hazardous situation.

Seniors/Disabled. The seats near the front of the bus are designated for seniors and the disabled. Don't plop down in these seats. Find another available seat.

Common Courtesy. This is especially for the young men out there. Common courtesy seems to be a part of a bygone era but if you see an elderly person, or pregnant woman, offer them your seat. This is just plain old fashioned common courtesy and the person probably would greatly appreciate such a gracious move.

In the logo, two main characters were created:
- the one in white is performing bad manners
- the one/ones in shade is/are known as the invisible man, being neglected by the guy with bad manners

The message is conveyed by the activity performed by the two characters.

10 signs with each illustrating different manners focusing on public transport were developed.

Hopefully, I could move on and make progress by starting off with drawing these images.

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