Tuesday, 2 February 2010

IPS development and approach to unit 11

I am still progressing to develop more images and designs and planning the layout of how to present the work that I have done, in approach to produce an effective, informative and graphical handbook on the topic.

Planned outcome for unit 11:

A1/A2: posters
Posters are characterised by its immdediate transmission of message which are accessible to a wide mass of audience. It can be placed everywhere in public, which can directly convey the message to the passersby. It is best approachable to all people. I would like to screen print the poster.

A4: Sign plate
I would like to put the logo designed into sign plates, like warning signs, to alert or remind the people to behave themselves. They can be placed at where suitable.

proposed use of material and form of the sign plate:

A5: Handbook for the 4 categories or more about etiquette and manners
I am still in progress designing the layout for the pages and trying out the best binding method.

A7: Flip book for 101 please don’ts
It will be accessible, portable, easy to read and understand.

I attempt to produce different outcomes which is effective, influential and interesting, so to approach the audience in various way; hopefully succeed to catch the attention of the public and provide them a practical understanding to etiquette and manners that they will appreciate.

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