Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Research: video clip

This is a very classic, old video clip about how to have good manners. This revealed the social history about manners and etiquette.

This is a TV advert about etiquette produced by the Shanghai media. It demonstrated the importance of good manners and respect as to create a harmony society. I think it is a very heart touching, effective and impressive ad.

This is an ad from kfc, which is being banned. The ad is banned due to the negative message conveyed to the audience. In the clip, the people are talking with their mouth full which is a kind of bad dining manners and should not be promoted.

Do you eat on the bus or play your music loudly on the train? Transport for London is launching a campaign to make us more considerate passengers. Watch the short film by Oscar-nominated British director, Mike Figgis.

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