Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Research: Images

From my research, I realised that most information about etiquette and manners are lengthy of words from books or guides, and there is a leak of practical introduction to the topic from other approach to the public. Therefore, I would like to transform the text into visual language (graphic display), which purposed to attract and motivate the public to pay attention to manners.

In the first place, I have been trying to browse through the internet and search for poster designs that advertise on etiquette and manners. They are usually about manners in train and public transport, and they are mosly produced from Japan.

I think they are very friendly to people of all ages. In my own opinion, the design is very successful as it is very attractive and eye catching.

The posters shown above is very different to that in the previous. The one with a red light warning is the most inspiring to me. I am really attracted by the red at my first glance. The use of red colour symbolizes the red lights and blood at the same time. Simply the use of a single bright colour produces a very eye catching design and can convey a very strong warning message.

The other three posters are quite similar. Simply a short text statement (with the use of a specific typeface)on a bright coloured background, or vice versa, can generate a very direct and effective result.

I quite like the friendly style used in the poster from Japan as well as the style of simple colouring, typeface and design in the latter ones. Therefore, I combined some features of both type of the posters and create a design of my own.

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