Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Table manners

Another aspect that I have focused on is table manners. When you search through the web, you could find a lot of information about table manners as it is very important to be considered. It is etiquette about how to behave at the dining table.


Always be on time to the dinner table. Being late to dinner is not accepted in many cultures because it is considered to be rude. If you are late to dinner you may not have enough food to eat or there might be a spot for you at the table simply because you were late. However, things do happen and sometimes we have no choice but to be late. If you are late and can't help it, it's recommended that you call ahead so that the person fixing the dinner can make enough food for you and keep your spot at the table.

Avoid chewing or talking with food in your mouth. Chewing or talking with food in your mouth is a horrible display of manners. If you are having a family dinner it would be pretty rude to be talking with food in your mouth and have food come out of your mouth. Also, your dinner mates may not want to see what's being tossed around in your mouth. It is recommended that you wait until you swallow your food then say what you need to say.

Don't be obscene. Being obscene at the dinner table can cause your dinner mates to not want to eat around you anymore. You should practice shunning dinner obscenity by eliminating the following things: use of swearing words, arguing, making funny or ugly faces, and other common obscenities. If you are going to act in an obscene way, it is recommended that you excuse yourself from the dinner table, or wait until after dinner.

It is noticeable that different countries have different cultures and therefore table manners may vary. It would be interesting to study on the etiquette and manner of other places, in another means, to avoid any embarrassing or offensive situation when visiting.

I began by doing research focusing on Chinese dining etiquette as I am best familiar with it.

In my development, I tried to illustrate Chinese etiquette images with Chinese ink and wash painting style.

In Chinese, the character "禮" means manners/etiquette. It is a very crucial topic to learn about in Chinese tradition.

You can see that Chinese dining etiquette could be very different from that of British. For example, Chinese used to seat in a rounded table and has special seating order and customs.

From the above image, the line at the bottom is the door way, while the circle in red demonstrates the seat for the most important person of the group and should be sitting furthest away from the door.

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