Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Start off by 101 (summer project)

After researching on the topic, I have a well understanding of etiquette and manners. In my development for unit 10, I first narrowed down the information into a list of "101 Please do not s" as an initial guide about common etiquette that people should know, as my summer project.

I have sorted out the most common and general ones and put them together to produce a list (101) of “please do not …” points about some common etiquette and manners that we should be aware of and to behave ourselves. It is concise, easy to read and understand for children, teens and adults. It is quite interesting or surprising that there could be a number of etiquette that you have not noticed before.

I planned to produce it into a small portable guide that people can bring along with them anytime anywhere to remind themselves or share with others.

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